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Flying Insect Control

Flying insects are one of the species that affect the quality of services as well as the development of businesses. Especially service establishments such as restaurants, hotels, etc. Not only that, but they are also the cause of infectious diseases, which adversely affect the health of customers.

Flying insects are pests

Most flying insects have wings at the adult stage and move on wings. However, there are some species that are reluctant to fly insects such as cockroaches. In addition, termites and ants are also flightless, but they can only fly for short periods during the breeding season.


With the ability to reproduce quickly and strongly about 150 eggs within 5-6 days. They live everywhere, especially in the dining area, kitchen, warehouse, and trash can. This is also the cause of many intestinal infections such as helminths, typhoid, and diarrhea... They are not only the cause of many intestinal infections. affect health, but for businesses, they also cause economic loss and brand reputation. Besides, other species of flies, such as the buffalo fly, are known to have a habit of biting and often live in wet places. It is the causative agent of skin bites and is also capable of transmitting disease.


Mosquitoes are fast-growing insects


The breeding environment of mosquitoes is mainly in swimming pools, ponds, wet areas, or standing water… They lay their eggs in the water, then hatch into larvae or prisms, after they mature they will fly out of the water. They usually appear in dark and humid corners, mosquito bites can cause itching, pain, and redness. In addition, mosquitoes are also capable of transmitting viruses, bacteria, and parasites that carry diseases with a high risk of death such as dengue fever, malaria, and yellow fever ...

Flies are fast-reproducing insects


Bugs live by feeding on the blood of humans and vertebrates. They have the ability to live very long, just need to suck blood 2-3 times a year, and they can live a whole life cycle of 350-400 days. Some of them live and thrive in densely populated areas, and large cities. Bugs like damp places, warehouses, wood warehouses...

The harm caused by bugs is also very worrying. Their stings, and sucking colors can cause discomfort, swelling, allergies, and even fever in children.

Bugs have the ability to live long

Insects eat stored products

There are many species of insects that can attack food during storage, affecting product quality and the economy of the business. Some insects such as rice weevils, termites, moths, and fruit flies.

Rice weevil affects health

In addition, there are many other flying insects that affect the health and business performance of enterprises that need to be controlled and have appropriate solutions.

Why should you choose Care Vietnam?

Along with the development of harmful insects, there are also beneficial insects, therefore, people who control flying insects need to understand and understand the characteristics of each species to have appropriate solutions. . Depending on each insect species, Care Vietnam deploys separate control solutions that both meet cleaning efficiency and ensure safety for customers. Besides, We also own staff with many years of experience in the field of flying insect control. At the same time, regularly organize training and update knowledge for employees to always meet the criteria of customers. In addition, we also develop a warranty policy, a 24/7 Customer care system that is always ready to support and solve customers' questions when learning or using our services.


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