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Rodent Control

Rodents make up 41% of the world's known mammals with 2,277 species. They are a very diverse group both in size and have different habitats, causing serious effects to human health and property such as beavers, porcupines, squirrels, mice...

Characteristics of rodents

The peculiarity of rodents is that the incisors are constantly growing in the upper and lower jaws. Therefore, it should always be abrasive to prevent them from growing too long. Depending on the species, they live in suitable places such as in trees, in caves or semi-aquatic. Rodents often live in groups with the ability to reproduce quickly in favorable conditions. This is also the reason they are always a concern of businesses before the intrusion of these animals.

Damage caused by rodents

The growth of rodents can cause severe damage to the development of businesses and human health such as:

  • Damage and contaminate food.

  • Damage to building structures, bridges, culverts, cable systems… by gnawing and digging.

  • Causing damage to property, goods and important documents.


Rats are damaging rodents

The difference comes from the rodent control service at Care Vietnam

With the desire to bring safe solutions to customers, Care Vietnam always researches and develops rodent control methods with optimal quality and effectiveness. Depending on the characteristics of each species, we control by using safe chemicals or cage traps, glue traps... Besides, with the motto "We care for you", Care Vietnam is always careful and careful. meticulous in each stage. We are committed to implementing a rodent control process in accordance with the agreement with the Client. Ensure to meet the requirements and criteria set by the Customer at a reasonable cost. In addition, Care Vietnam also owns a team of experienced and professional staff. Each member of Care Vietnam is aiming for a common goal, dedicated, meticulous in each stage of service, contributing to improving the living and working environment of customers.


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