Perfect And Comprehensive Solution From Hourly Cleaning Services

Do you want to rush into the house cleaning job after a hard day's work? When you have to add the task of taking care of your family and children, the most perfect and complete solution is an hourly cleaning service, which brings many benefits and relaxing time for you and your family. 

Hourly cleaning services

There are many customers are confused about the definition as well as the benefits that this service brings. With modern life, hourly cleaning services are increasingly popular and seem to be becoming a trend.

As the name implies, an hourly cleaning service is a service that is rented on a flexible time basis and is charged by the hour or up to one session a day. The owner will arrange suitable work for the cleaning staff according to the assigned time. Usually, it will include simple tasks such as cleaning the house, cleaning the floor, washing clothes - blankets, washing dishes, cleaning tables and chairs, cleaning the toilet, etc. In addition, tasks such as shopping, babysitting, and cooking will also be sorted into the job list depending on the request and agreement of the user and the service provider.

The fixed hiring of domestic helpers has many inadequacies, such as management costs, property risks, service quality, privacy... Therefore, an hourly cleaning service is considered a best solution for busy individuals or families, who don't have too much time to clean the house, office...







Hourly cleaning services


The benefits of using an hourly cleaning service

An hourly cleaning service is preferred by many people because of the outstanding benefits it brings, such as:

Cost savings

Instead of paying a fixed monthly salary for the maid but having difficulty in managing the quality and risk of the property, you just need to use the hourly cleaning service 1-2 times a week. Besides, if your family is small and has no pets, hiring a permanent cleaning staff is very expensive. The most perfect solution to this option is to use an hourly cleaning service, which not only saves you but also ensures a clean space for your home and office.

Saving time

You cannot reconcile work with cleaning the house, seemingly small tasks that take up a lot of time and effort. With hourly cleaning and sanitizing services, you will no longer have "messy hair" but instead you will have more time for rest and relaxation with your family. At the same time, more active in work and surrounding relationships.

Make sure the living space is always fresh

Professional cleaning units will bring you the perfect solutions from experienced personnel, modern equipment with large capacity, and the appropriate service implementation process according to each customer's requirements. Therefore, the quality of living space will always be guaranteed at the highest and safest level.

Ensure homeowners' privacy

Some Customers do not want to hire a full-time maid because of cost savings, they simply want privacy. Because it is very inconvenient and not really comfortable when there are strangers in the house.

For companies and businesses, hiring an hourly cleaning and sanitizing service also partly ensures assets, papers as well as other business secrets.





The benefits of using an hourly cleaning service


Difference of Care Vietnam cleaning service

Our Principles:

  • Agree with the owner before deploying on issues of cost, damage, etc.

  • The cleaning process is done from high to low and from the inside out, even the hidden corners of the sanitary equipment are difficult to clean.

  • Clean in order from the less dirty area first, then to the more dirty area. For example, cleaning in the bedroom first, then the living room, kitchen, bathroom...

  • Sanitize, clean from the kitchen to the outside, from the big room first, the small room after.

  • For surface stains that are difficult to clean, specialized chemicals should be used to ensure safety criteria and not affect the material of the object.

  • Acceptance test before and after implementation of work.


In order to bring satisfaction to customers, Care Vietnam always builds and sets up a detailed job sheet and consults the requirements and wishes of the customer before deploying the service. In particular, do not decide to perform other jobs that are not in the pre-required categories.




Service deployment process

Step 1: Consult with customers

Communicate directly with the Customer about some basic wishes and service requirements such as personnel gender, workload, attitude, experience...

Based on the information provided by the Customer, Care Vietnam will conduct a direct survey at the construction to come up with suitable plans and solutions and agree with the Customer on such issues as:

  • Rent cost

  • Time

Important notes or reminders that customers want.

Step 2: Sanitation staff carry out the work

  • Record the requested information from the Customer and provide internal implementation plans:

  • Cleaning and sanitizing areas to arrange suitable personnel and work.

  • Interior chemicals, machine tools and equipment to support cleaning most effectively.

  • Identify tasks related to floor, wall, and landscape surfaces to provide cleaning and care.

Rough surface

Rough cleaning is the most basic job for the entire house. Specifically, Care Vietnam will collect, classify and remove large-scale waste such as dead trees, rotten furniture, etc. Besides, we also perform other jobs, such as:

  • Basic cleaning of floors, walls and landscaping of houses with basic cleaning supplies.

  • Sweeping and cleaning cobwebs, dirt; cleaning door surfaces, rooms such as dining rooms, bedrooms, and the side of the house initially.

  • Kill insects and disinfect the entire living space of the house.

Crystal surface

After cleaning and preliminarily cleaning the house, we will carry out cleaning activities for the fine part of the house. In this step, Care Vietnam's cleaning staff will clean and arrange the overall house to create the best living space. Specifically:

  • Clean places such as ceilings, walls, and floors in turn after removing dirt and cobwebs from the surface. In this step, we will combine the use of equipment, industrial chemicals to support cleaning such as vacuum cleaners, towels, cleaning solutions, etc.

  • Cleaning the furniture system in the house

  • Use disinfecting and cleaning solutions to thoroughly clean the toilet.

  • Finally, the floor is cleaned before finishing and being handed over to the owner. In addition, we are also ready to advise and restore tile floors that have problems such as yellowing, dulling...


Care Vietnam has more than 15 years of experience in the field of consulting, designing, renting and periodical maintenance services. In some cases, Care Vietnam will provide landscape services with jobs such as:

  • Clean interior green leaves

  • Watering, cutting landscape grass

Ancillary service packages

Not only providing professional cleaning services, perfect quality, We also provide other service solutions such as:

  • Spraying and disinfecting services to prevent the COVID-19 epidemic.

  • Pest control service

  • Industrial hygiene services

  • Landscape service

Step 3: Care Vietnam's customer care policy

In order to ensure maximum benefits for Customers, Care Vietnam develops a Customer care policy to support and solve problems that occur during the use of services at Care

Vietnam such as:

  • Damaged furniture

  • Loss of property

  • Sanitary quality is not satisfactory

  • Employees' attitudes, responsibility, and work discipline are all low.


Recruitment process

At Care Vietnam, We develop rigorous recruitment processes and standards to meet the job requirements for each position, such as:

  • A clean personnel record with identification in the area.

  • Ensure that all health requirements are met, and that certificates from major hospitals are available.

  • Meet the criteria: honesty, responsibility, and friendliness towards customers.

  • Be trained in knowledge when using household appliances such as washing machines, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, etc.

We are committed to providing customers with professional hourly cleaning services, meeting strict standards and ready to support and solve problems when problems occur.


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